Who We Are

A Pioneer Name in Printing Industries

Sigma & Team

Sigma Middle East Label Industries is in the business of manufacturing self-adhesive labels. Located in United Arab Emirates, Sigma is one of the leading manufacturers of self adhesive labels. We have been in the industry since 2010 under the ownership and care of Mr. Jagannath M Wagle. Years later, the company has established itself as a reputable printer throughout the area with outstanding customer service and promise of satisfaction, guaranteed. Starting with four color printing. we are now into multi colored label printing on imported machinery . Sigma employs a crew of professionals who make the printing process as smooth as possible.

From the owner and managers, to prepress, production, customer service, and delivery personnel, everyone is capable and happy to assist our customers with all of their printing needs. We manufacture sticker-labels as per our customer’s requirements,all in a timely manner without any hassles and all to our customers’ guaranteed satisfaction.

We specialize in all types of self adhesive labels such as Product labels,Industrial labels Price stickers,Cargo Labels with facilities like cold foil stamping , lamination and UV printing in sheet/roll form and supply them to various industries as Pharma,Cargo Industry, Steel industry, Food industry, Plastic industry, etc.

Sigma & Management

The company has been maintaining a pacesetter for the future times. Company’s main concentration is totally on the development of technical support quality product for the international and UAE markets. The company is also maintaining a total quality management program. Marketing, Distribution & Service Network : We have efficient strategies at all levels.Customer service is at top level for company. Marketing and distribution network of company is working in coordination with each other.