Attitude that acts as a guiding principle


The Flexo machine installed at our press include two – technology from Germany and Brazil. These machines allow printing upto 8 colors with options of UV, cold foil) The use of flexography at our press to manufacture labels include printing using flexible relief plates on any kind of substrate including normal paper. Moving with the technology is what we give utmost importance to fulfill our mission of providing best quality labels to our customers at utmost satisfaction. Such moving along with the technology makes us install all new technology which helps improve the printing process including the latest Flexography.


The company is committed to design and manufacture of products to the highest quality. Quality assurance covers design, development and production, guaranteeing that products meet customer’s expectations and deliver performance and reliability. The quality management system has been tailored to suit customer requirements on a global scale. Fundamental to success is that product quality and process control systems have been developed and implemented to fully embrace the requirements of continual improvement.

Research & Development

We invest good amount of money every year towards R&D. We constantly work with suppliers to develop and deliver innovative products which contribute to business growth and help define new standards in the market. Also we cooperate constantly with our customers in the development of their new products and markets. These investments include developing new products, developing printing machineries, developing new processes which reduce cost without hampering quality or may be improve quality. These benefits can be passed on to our customers.